My career in Safety and Health started very early as a volunteer firefighter and training at the National Fire Academy while in school. I was introduced to a great mentor in the Safety and Health field and obtained my Safety Science degree from Indiana University of PA. I went to work for Coca-Cola right out of college and one could say the rest is history. Coca-Cola afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow beyond Safety and Health into Operations leadership, Transportation and Logistics, Plant and Regional leadership roles, P&L management and Customer and Supplier relations. Throughout my career environmental stewardship or sustainability was always part of the performance matrices. Either by reducing water use or the fleets carbon footprint. I was encouraged to never stop learning and obtained my Master of Arts in management from Redlands University. The Company offered several opportunities to attend Ohio State Supply Chain courses, as well as Leadership courses in conjunction with Georgia Tech. The ability to continue to learn and grow allowed me to cross into Operations and Logistics and then back into the technical Leader of Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability for North America Supply Chain.