EDGE Supply Chain is your trusted partner in success.

We utilize our team’s experience, expertise, and networks to think and work alongside you, so that you can get things done and deliver results.

We’ve been where you are right now.

The hurdles, the weeds, the challenges, the questions, the politics.

Each member of The EDGE Supply Chain has 30+ years of experience and connections across supply chain, logistics, and large scale transformation.

In 2022, we joined together because we saw the current landscape of this work and we could see what the future needed – more in-depth and efficient support, clarity, and candor.

Today, we bring our collective experience, expertise, and networks to people and businesses around the world.

As your trusted partner, we are driven to help you get tasks done, keep things moving, save time, deliver results, do bigger and better things, and succeed beyond expectations.

With EDGE Supply Chain, you get:

Industry Experts

Direct access to industry experts, each with their own respective 35+ years of deep and wide professional experience across supply chain, logistics, and large-scale transformation

Diverse Experience

One unified team with complementary expertise, skills, and perspective that intersect, yet diverse experience to serve and address almost any challenge and opportunity

Vast Network

A vast network of thought partners, experts/SMEs, and resources who can help to take any project over the finish line

“While EDGE Supply Chain may be new to the scene, their depth and breadth of experience deliver solutions with a solid ROI. They have a keen eye for identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks and a talent for developing and implementing innovative solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.”

- Supply Chain Executive, Fortune 500 Company


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