Chris Gaffney is a supply chain leader with 30+ years of experience across a variety of Supply Chain leadership roles for internationally-recognized companies; he spent the majority of his career with the Coca-Cola Company across logistics, operations, and global supply chain.

Chris’s experience focuses on supply chain network design and logistics optimization. He was an integral member of a team that led
the strategic infrastructure plan development for the production and distribution network for The Coca-Cola Company across the United States. It triggered a billion-dollar investment that spanned multiple years; it was presented to the Chairman of The Coca-Cola Company.

Over the course of his career, Chris has seen the supply chain field evolve and grow to be more complex and challenging. He is passionate about partnering with clients to support their teams with tools, practices, and strategies to make working in supply chain roles a “winnable” game.

From early on in his career, coaching and mentoring has been a critical factor in how Chris has worked with the people and processes that
manage change and enable ideas. He believes strongly in the power of coaching others across all levels – from the warehouse floor to the corner office. Whatever the relationship, his goal for coaching and mentoring is to better equip and empower others to run their own supply chain.

He is a husband, father, grandfather, runner, donor and supporter of good causes as well as host of the Supply Chain Careers Leadership podcast.

Bachelor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology Master, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology